Forbidden Fruit is the Sweetest~

'Lo, sugar. 'Name's Glutz an' I'll be happy ta serve ya today, if ya know what I mean~. {He chuckles.} Jes' kiddin'. Don't worry, I won't eat ya without reason ta, hon'. Help yerself to ev'rythin' on the table infront 'a ya---there's no catch. Welcome 'ome, pumpkin.

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Magic anon status:

1: Gaining weight due to stress; time unspecified.
2. Prematurely ejaculates whenever food is offered to him for the next week.
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{This is just for the laughs.}

…So basically, I figured I should show you all why I need to leave for a few days whenever it gets around to that time

{Pictures under the cut. Don’t worry, nothin’ bad. o3o}


So basically, you guys know how cats act when they go into heat?

Basically, that’s what it’s like. Ahh… mating season.

Hell forbid it gets two degrees cooler in Hell! Oh no! We’re all freezing our asses off, totally! And even if we’re not in Hell at the time, it still happens, male or female. And that’s why I like being a guy. Less times like this.


So I’ll pretty much lock myself in my dimension, so I won’t have to deal with people.

Because if I see people, I’ll end up like this…

And then I’ll end up doing whatever they want so long as my urges are satisfied….

But it won’t stop for any of us unless I turn into a girl…

Which is NOT gonna fuckin’ happen.

Because the last thing I want right now is to have to deal with that and then service my Master… while…


…Yeah. So, for a guy like me….

It’s best to stay out of the path of people until it passes, which’ll be about four days.

…Also, I’m staying an extra three days because I already KNOW that I’m going to get my ass kicked…

So I’ll probably come back like

…But I’ll be fine.